16 in 1 Multimeter Test Leads Kit, Digital Probes & Leads Set with Replaceable Testing Pen, Test Hook, Alligator Clips, Banana Plug, Measurement Tools

-Flexible Combination: – This 16pcs multimeter leads kit is already including the commonly used meter leads, test probes, u-shaped forks, testing power pens, 4mm banana plugs, alligator clips for multimeter, which are conveniently grouped to supply the toolbox or bench. The electrical tester can be flexibly combined for the electrical / HVAC applications, as well as low-energy electronic test applications, especially suitable for the DIY electrical experiments.
-High Safety Performance: – The multipurpose multimeter jumper wires with alligator clips wires has the soft silicone insulation, which can maintain flexibility and protect hands from shock and heat. So the test leads for multimeter can satisfy the general experiment requirements or power circuit measurements. Note that, the voltage of this multimeter test probe wire cannot be too high (e.g., 100V, 5A CAT). Voltmeter alligator clips with wires ser is a good havc tools.
-Package Included: – Including multimeter probe kit * 2Pcs, 101mm/3.98inch length, test pens * 2Pcs, 30mm/1.81inch length, multimeter probes needle point * 2Pcs, 24mm/0.94inch length U-shaped forks * 2Pcs, 22mm/0.87inch length, 4mm plugs * 4Pcs, 33mm/1.3inch length, multimeter clamps * 4Pcs. This voltmeter leads can be combined in a variety of ways and applied to a variety of testing. Shop here for a wide variety of kits designed for use with multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators and more.
-Various Application: – The alligator clips electrical test leads set is perfect for all kinds of testing, like voltage testing, circuit board testing, automotive wire testing, current & resistance testing, electronic appliances test, digital product and power connection test, and also experiment, prototyping, troubleshooting. Multimeter alligator clip wires is widely used in laboratories, shops, schools, home and industry.

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