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Garden Plant Grow Bags 1Gallon/2Gallon/3 Gallon/5 Gallon/7 Gallon/10 Gallon

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10 Pack Garden Plant Grow Bags with Handles Breathable Fabric Pots for Outdoor (Black)

Size available: 1Gallon( 15x18cm)/ 2 Gallon(20x20cm)/3 Gallon (25x22cm)/5 Gallon(25x30cm)/7 Galloon(28x35cm)/10 Gallon(30x40cm)

Every time you walk to the garden with hope, but find your plant roots go rotting and the leaves turn yellow. You truly need a grow bag that can breathe like bag to save your plants from the abyss. breathable grow bag allows your plants to breathe as much as possible, and is lightweight enough to make transport easy, saving you a lot of effort.

PROMOTE GROWTH, BOOST YIELDS – Grow fancier flowers, stronger roots and larger fruits with grow bag! It?s constructed with thick yet breathable felt that allows plants to breathe and excess water to escape, ensuring roots won?t rot or girdle, and plants grow better and bear more fruits.
LIGHTWEIGHT TO CARRY – Don?t let the heavy ceramic plant pots drag your legs! Go for these lightweight grow bags that makes you light on your feet! It has reinforced handles on sides, so you can move plants to the outdoor easily for more sun exposure.
REUSUABLE – The round bottom is double reinforced with stitching to make sure soil won?t leak out during transport and spoil the floor. Plus, just wash the plant grow bag clean when it?s not in use, dry it off and store it for next season.
IDEAL FOR ALL POTTED PLANTS – Grow your favorite plants in this gorgeous fabric grow bag. Take them to patio, garden, balconies, sun rooms and any outdoor space for natural nourishing and all you need is to wait for the harvest! Hooray.
10-PACK 3-Gallon Grow Bag Set – This set has 10 pieces of 25x22cm black grow bags to hold different potted plants. Pamper your plants with our grow bags and they will love how freely they breathe in these bags!

Package Includes:
10 x Garden Plant Grow Bags

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1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 7 Gallon, 10 Gallon


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