3pcs Bird Chewing Toys Parrot Cage Paper Shredder Toy


3PCS Bird Chewing Toys Parrot Cage Paper Shredder Toy Sepak Takraw Bamboo Net Brushed Grass for Cockatiel, Flying Small Animals

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Main Features:
– High-Quality: It is made of natural wood and rattan, which can be chewed safely and hygienic, without glue, wire, or plastic. Hand-woven hanging bird toys are perfect for birds that tend to chew, bite, forage and hide snacks.
– Special-Design: Chewing and chopping are natural behaviors related to foraging and nesting. It can promote the physical and mental activities of birds and bring you psychological convenience. This food-safe, woven vegetable cutter ball is covered with colorful, food-safe ribbons, allowing your companions to chop, pick and comb for hours to find hidden squares, balls, etc.
– 3PCS Bird Toys: The product is a three-piece shredded parrot toy. Two shredded paper toys with bells and a rattan shredded paper toy for birds to stand on. Colorful paper strips and bells attract the bird to play, allowing him to entertain himself in the cage.
– Suitable for all small to medium birds fits most cages, steel hook connects to the cage easily.

Package Includes:
3pcs x Bird Chewing Toy

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