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The Auto Clear Smart Mini 7 Egg Incubator Hatcher for Household Use

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The Auto Clear Smart Mini 7 Egg Incubator Hatcher for Household Use

Experience hassle-free egg hatching with our Auto Clear Smart Mini 7 Egg Incubator Hatcher. Designed to accommodate 7 eggs, this incubator provides a convenient and straightforward hatching experience for household use.

– This incubator is designed to accommodate 7 eggs, providing a convenient and straightforward egg hatching experience.
– Equipped with a digital display, it offers real-time temperature monitoring, ensuring optimal conditions for incubation. The digital temperature controls make it easy to set and maintain the desired temperature.
– With its transparent window, you can observe the entire incubation process without the need to disturb the eggs.

Hatching Temperature: 38°C+/-1°C
Temperature Range: 0°C – 40°C (adjustable)
Wattage: <=20W
Egg Capacity: 7 Eggs
Timer: 120 seconds

Begin by adding water when you first use the incubator.
Preheat the machine and verify that the temperature reaches 38°C. Adjust it accordingly using the provided Press-button Instruction.
After preheating, turn off the power. Fill the water pan, place it under the egg tray, add the eggs to the tray, and then cover the machine with its lid. Finally, turn on the power.

Always turn off the power before opening the incubator's lid.
Regularly add water every one to two days, taking care not to spill water on the exposed electrical components. Ensure the eggs used for hatching are fresh, fertilized, and unwashed.
In the first 18 days, gently manually turn the eggs at least eight times per day.
Please note that this hatching machine does not have an automatic egg-turning function.

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