70cm Long Digital Laboratory Multimeter Voltmeter Test Lead Probe Wire Cable Banana Plug Connector Black Red 1000V

-1.9mm probe tip ,70cm total length, banana Connector.
-Two colors, black and red,anti slip grip increased superior handling, ease of use.
-With banana Connector to pin-probes, it is commonly replacement for most all economical test meters requiring the standard male banana Connector.
-Easy connect to universal digital multimeter standard jack.It is one of the useful tools that will brings a lot of convenience for your electronic work.
-Perfect for testing electrical wiring circuits, anti slip grip increased superior handling, ease of use.

Maximum voltage: 1000V
Maximum current: 10 A
Measuring needle diameter: 1.9 mm
Overall length: 70 cm
Cable length without probes and plugs: around 60cm

Package Includes:
1 Pair x Test Leads

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