800W Car Battery Inverter Power Inverter 24V Pure Sine Wave


800W /1600W Inverter Power Inverter 24V to 230V Pure Sine Wave

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Easun Power 800w Continuous Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 24V to AC 230V Voltage Transformer Power Converter Solar Car Inverter

Note: This invert only has 800w continuous working power, it will get damaged easily if you connect a power more than it. For inductive load appliances like a rice cooker, microwaves, fan, etc, they typically require 3 to 7 times running power when starting. For instance, if a fan input power is 100w, it needs at least a 300w continuous power inverter to get it to work. Sometimes it needs a more powerful inverter. it varies with different appliances. pls, check with us about your appliance model first if you are not sure.


Main Features:
– Pure sine wave, intelligent filter, does not interfere with electrical appliances, protects electrical appliances. With high conversion efficiency (up to 93%), the low power consumption of the product itself can extend battery life.
– Eight intelligent protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, insurance protection
– Intelligent temperature control fan, make the inverter quieter. When the temperature is ≤ 45 °C, the fan stops working; when the temperature is ≥ 45 °C, the fan starts to work.
– Buzzer reminder device. Once any protection of the inverter is triggered, the inverter will immediately disconnect the power supply, the load enters the protection mode and reminds people via a buzzer reminder
– Precautions and warranty: Check the power of the appliance and the installation method of the inverter carefully before use.

Material: Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Shell
Continuous Power: 800W
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

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