Bird Chewing Toys Teeth Grinding Wood Toys Cuttlefish Bone for Parrots


Rope Chew Bird Bite Toy Bite Resistant Easy Installation Healthy for Birds

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Bird Chewing Toys, Teeth Grinding Wood Toys Cuttlefish Bone for Parrots 3PCS

Easy to Install: cage bite toys come with their own hooks which hang directly onto the top of the cage, making them easy to install and suitable for most cages.
Safe Materials: toys are made from a combination of logs, nuts, and cuttlefish bones, which are safe and non toxic and not harmful to your pet’s health.
Nutrients: chewing toys contain cuttlefish bones, which are not only good for pets to chew on and sharpen their teeth, but also help birds to replenish their calcium and other trace elements.
Anxiety Relief: cuttlebone loofah chew toy enhances bird interaction, stimulates curiosity and develops colour recognition skills as well as relieving boredom and anxiety.
Multipurpose: Wood toys are not only great for birds to play with and entertain themselves, but they also satisfy their natural chewing instincts.

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3pcs x Bird Chewing Toys

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