Bug Zapper 18W UV Light Electric Fly Killer


Bug Zapper, 18W UV Light Electric Mosquito Killer, Electronic Fly Insect Trap

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Bug Zapper, 18W UV Light Electric Mosquito Killer, Electronic Fly Insect Trap

-Safety and Eco-friendly: Our Bug zapper is made of fireproof and handy ABS material, which can be resistant to high temperature. The mosquitoes and bugs will be electrocuted once touch the 4200V high voltage powered electric grid, also have a ABS housing design to prevent children and animals from touching the electrified grids inside the device which is safe for your children and pets.
-The electronic bug zapper contains high intensity ultraviolet light, which lures mosquito, bugs, gnats, moths and other insects into it and kills them with electricity.
-This insect killer can attract mosquitoes both outdoors and indoors, you can hang it with a hook or simply placed on the solid surface, can be widely used in living room, kitchen, deck, patio, garden or other similar places
-Easy to operate, plug into electrical outlet, no need batteries. When using this mosquito killer, please turn off or dim the surrounding lights to get the best results. In order to better kill mosquitoes, do not place them in strong winds or next to other light sources
-The removable tray at the base of this bug zapper, which makes it easy to clean, just remove the tray and clean it with water or use the provide brush for clean the unit

1. Never remove the part of the device and do not adjust it internally to avoid electric shock.
2. Unplug the insect lamp before cleaning.
3. Suggest turn on the product for a few hours before entering the room.

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