Flea Traps for Inside Your Home,Flea Light Trap for Indoor,Flea Trap with Light Refills and Sticky Pads,Flea Killer Traps for House,Sticky Flea Trap,Safe for Kids,Friendly to Pets

Main Features:
-Wide Application for Home Flea Treatment: Flea trap light is suitable for indoor environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and pet rooms. You can place flea traps in any flea-rich area and let your pets play there. The electronic flea trap provides you with a clean, flea-free home. Use the flea light trap to keep you and your family safe from these annoying household pests. Get rid of fleas, bed bugs, spiders, or any annoying insects without using scented sprays.
-Safe and Eco-friendly Flea Killer: Flea catcher traps are odorless, low-cost flea traps that physically attract fleas, bugs, and pests. The flea killer are so sticky that once the flea or other pests get in, it gets stuck and can’t escape.The principle of flea killer is to use color, heat, and light to attract fleas or bugs, especially to lure flea pupae to glue traps.Compared with other flea traps, the flea trap is ┬░unobstructed, which can attract fleas from all sides.

Package Includes:
1 * Flea Trap
2 * Light Bulbs
6 * Sticky Papers

1. For reaching better results, please change the sticky paper in time(70% can change).
2. If the place you put can’t trap pests for over a week. Change the place you put. If it can’t trap between two to three weeks, change the sticky paper in time.

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