Kitchen Side Dishes 4 Layered Dish Kitchen Sorting Tray Dish Rack


Kitchen Sorting Tray Dish Rack Hot Pot Preparation Plate Storage Trays – Black

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Kitchen Side Dishes Multi-Layered Dish Kitchen Sorting Tray Dish Rack Hot Pot Preparation Plate Multi-Layer Food Storage Trays Kitchen Storage Rack Multi-Layer Sorting Tray

Color: Black/White

Main Features:
– Storage of a variety of foods: four-layer storage containers can be placed on the table, no need to drill holes, save space when preparing food, and picnic, suitable for all kinds of food, fruits, meat classes, spices, various vegetables, matching vegetables, etc. of dishes can be accommodated.

– Classified storage: The 4-layer food tray provides ample storage space for your kitchen, and the multi-layer design saves you the trouble of searching for the ingredients you need in a cluttered cabinet, making cooking easier without taking up too much space. Sorting and arranging dishes every time makes them easy to understand at a glance, easy to hold, makes cooking one step faster, and saves time and effort.

– Suitable for Various Scenarios: The kitchen food storage is a multi-functional organizer that can sort vegetables, snacks, dried fruits without mixing flavors, chopped vegetables, assorted nuts, assorted candies, wedding centerpieces, household vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc. parties, holidays, birthday parties and various events.

– Easy to install and use: The multi-layer tray is easy to install, no tools required, is easy to clean, can be reused, and can be used at home. Perfect for storage and location. On the countertop, save space and keep your kitchen countertop clean.

Package Includes:
1 x Kitchen Sorting Tray Dish Rack

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Weight 1.49 kg

Black, White


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