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BUCATSTATE No-Drip Water Bottle/Feeder for Guinea Pigs/Hamsters/Bunnies/Ferrets with Stand

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BUCATSTATE No-Drip Water Bottle/Feeder for Guinea Pigs/Hamsters/Bunnies/Ferrets with Stand, 120ml Water Bottle No Drip Adjustable, Chew Proof Water Bottle Holder for Dwarf Gerbil Hamster Mice Rat and other Small Animals

Cute Hamster Water Bottle: Cute cat paw-shaped water bottle stand is 6.2”/15.7cm high and the base is 3.54”/9cm wide, Bottle mouth diameter is 2.3 ‘/5.7cm. The capacity of the bottle is 4oz/120ml, quite suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, and other small animals. Not only will it attract your small animals to drink water, but it’s also a nice hamster cage ornament.
Adjustable Height of Water Bottle Position: To be suitable for different sizes or heights of small animals, the holder has an adjustable height slot to lower or higher the position bringing your pet comfy when drinking. The adjustable height of the water outlet of the water bottle to the ground is 1.97″-4.33”/5cm-11cm.
Unique Design: Which is of high precision and double-ball leak-proof design, water output can be automatically controlled to prevent overflow, helping to keep the cage clean, the water bottle and the base can be separated for easy cleaning with water.
Stable Stand: The hamster water bottle stand has a built-in 55g iron block, which can enhance stability, Recommend pouring some hamster sand into the stand, And place the hamster kettle on a platform or other flat place, which is prevent not easy to tipping over and hurting your pets.

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1 Set x Hamster Water Bottle with Stand

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