Guinea Pig Cage, Rat Small Animal Cage


66x44x35cm Bucatstate Large Hamster Cages Small Animal House Habitat

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66x44x35cm Bucatstate Large Guinea Pig Cage, Rat Small Animal Cage Hamster Cages Small Animal House Habitat

–Product Information: Size: 62x35x44cm is perfect for hamsters who want a wider floor area than the height. More range of motion
–Suitable for: Small animals such as Dwarf Hamster, Golden Hamster, Sirian Hamster, Hedgehog, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Momonga, Ferrett, Netherland Dwarf, etc.
–No feeling of pressure: Designed to be easy to see from anywhere. For your pet, the outside is clearly visible, and there is no sense of pressure, so it is comfortable to live within. Clear cage allows you to clearly see the play of small animals. It is breathable and has a large amount of space, so your pet will not feel congestion even when playing inside
–Durable and Stable: The reinforced iron wire makes the hamster cages more durable and prevents deformation, bite resistance. perfect for fixing accessories such as bottles and wheels.
–Ventilation and Functional: Double door design(one at the top and one in front), which is convenient for interacting with hamsters and placing food and other stuff. 14cm elevated transparent chassis can be covered with thick bedding, allowing you to observe hamsters digging holes.

Package Includes:
1 x Hamster Cage (Cage only, the other accessories are not included)

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