Guinea Pig Exercise Wheels – Rat Running Wheel


26.5cm/10.3inches Bucatstate Guinea Pig  Hamster Exercise Wheel Super-Silent

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26.5cm/10.3inches Bucatstate Hamster Exercise Wheel Super-Silent with Adjustable Base Dual-Bearing Cage Accessories Quiet Spinning Running Wheel for Dwarf Syrian Hamster Gerbils and Other Small Animals

Why do hamsters need exercise wheels?
Hamsters are very active creatures when they live in the wild. They spend most of their waking time scurrying around to gather food or dig burrows. When they are housed in a cage, this biological programming is not turned off!

Benefits to physical health
A hamster wheel is essential for weight maintenance. Without enough exercise, your hamster could become obese. This puts a strain on their heart, lungs, and other organs and could shorten their life expectancy.
Benefits to mental health
As naturally inquisitive little creatures they require mentally stimulating toys. Select a wheel can be to stop them from getting stressed and restless.

–Super silent hamster wheel with double bearing design allows your animals to run comfortably and happily without noise.
–The M gentle slope running wheel can buffer and slow down, which is the best protection for pets while exercising, avoiding being thrown away.
–Full transparent material, easy to clean, it emits dynamic light feeling during running, perfect for hamster habitat décor.
–Equipped with an adjustable base, very stable and durable, you can adjust the height according to the hamster cage.

Package Includes:
1 x Hamster Running Wheel 26.5cm

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Weight 3.05 kg
Dimensions 33 × 32 × 19 cm


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