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MC4 T Type 4 Way Connector

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MC4 4-Way Solar Cable Adapter 1 to 3 T Type Solar Panel Cable Adaption Connector

T-type three-way connector of solar cell module is suitable for solar energy system and solves the connection problem of cable during installation.
Easy to use and safe to make electrical contact connection more firm.
The connector meets the requirements of an outdoor harsh environment.
The adapter has strong anti-a g and ultraviolet resistance.
A guide insulating part is arranged at the head of the hole contact part of the product, which plays the role of guiding and preventing electric shock.
Dustproof, high-temperature resistance, waterproof, touch protection(insulation material of shell).
A safe locking system ensures continuous opening under abnormal conditions.

Item Type: Solar Cable Connector
Shell Material: PPO Insulation Material
Connection Mode: Crimping
Inner Core Material: Open Type Of Copper-Tin Plating
Wiring Specifications: 2.5mm2-6.0mm2/14AWG-10AWG
Protection Level: IP65
Temperature Range: – 40 ? ~ 90 ?
Operating Voltage:

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